Mada Academy portal offers access to the following platforms:

  • Mada OER Hub: The Mada branded portal on OER Commons where accessible resources are aggregated, curated and managed through collections, and groups, and development tools.
  • Mada MOOCA: Intended to be an accessible MOOC provider in Qatar and beyond, Mada offers an accessible MOOC platform and accessible courses in Arabic and English languages. Mada offers accessible MOOC services to universities and education institutions in order to produce and host universally accessible quality MOOCs meeting especially the needs of individual learners with disabilities.
  • Mada TCMS platform: The Mada Training and Content Management system to be used to conduct Mada training workshops whether fully online or in Hybrid and/or Blended modes.
  • Mada Certification platform: With the aim to be recognized as having met special qualifications within the field of ICT Accessibility and other fields, and in collaboration with universities and partners, Mada delivers for trainees and students, through its secure accessible certification platform designed specifically for certifications, online exams with automated grading–Integrated and certificates delivery services.